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DATING : her , 29 y , She is blond and the eyes are brown, for dating in Lubbock
I am kind and gentle person. I like to help others, but I don`t forget about myself. I am honest and I don`t like when other people lie to me. I am sociable and funny; I like to spend my time with my friends or meeting new people. But I am not all about fun. I enjoy simple things in my life, like watching good movie, reading a book, spending time with my friends. I like nature, animals, hiking and all kinds of sport. When I was young I played volleyball for sometime, right now I mostly do some cardio and running
177- 61-orthodox- ma profession : nurse
United States > Lubbock, Texas > Lubbock
Downtown Manhattan
DATING : her , 31 y
i am a good caring nice looking tall girl i love sport like football,valleyball, tennis and reading and cooking
170- 65- ma profession : worker
United States > New York > Downtown Manhattan
Mount Vernon
DATING : her , 33 y
I am single and searching for true loving and honest man .
United States > Kingman, Kansas > Mount Vernon
Des Moines
DATING : her , 32 y
I am kind, honest, sociable and cheerful lady. Also I am optimistic and I am sure that everything in our life depends on our decisions. Also I am an optimistic person, i hate crying. I always try to help people, if they need my support. I love cooking, traveling, reading books and magazines. I want to give all my love and care to my man. I have a lot of interesting hobbies like dancing, embroidering etc. I am seriously oriented woman and i want my man to be the same
153-I'd rather not say- smoking - ma profession : self-employed
United States > Polk, Iowa > Des Moines
Mount Sinai
DATING : her , 30 y , She is brown and the eyes are brown, for dating in Mount Sinai
Hey my name is Moira.Im 30 years old and I have autism.I also have very severe anxiety and I get very nervous and scared easily.I love to swim,I love cemeteries,reading and the paranormal.I recently went through a very bad breakup and Im in a deep dark depression.My ex boyfriend is treating me very badly.My heart is so broken by my ex boyfriend that Im sick and bedridden.For a partner/boyfriend,I want the person to be sweet,always happy,down to earth and to always give me comfort
United States > Suffolk, New York > Mount Sinai
DATING : her , 30 y
Qui m'aime me suive
United States > Leslie, Kentucky > Toulouse
DATING : her , 32 y
Iam Kimberly a mtf trans just starting out on my journey to becoming more of the woman I know I am
162- 72- ma profession : worker
United States > Clay, Arkansas > Pollard
DATING : her , 20 y , She is brown and the eyes are blue, for dating in Kane
im 19 and a virgin. I'm a geek.I like crocheting crafting making art singing dancing writing reading coloring cooking playing Yu-Gi-Oh watching Netflix and etc. ask me anything.
153- 102- ma profession : student
United States > McKean, Pennsylvania > Kane
Texas City
DATING : her , 34 y
Understanding, kind, simple, humble, easy going and romantic
170- 65- ma profession : doctor
United States > Saline, Illinois > Texas City
Bay City
DATING : her , 31 y , She is black and the eyes are brown, for dating in Bay City
I don?t mind being in a ?relationship? without the attachment. I have never tried this before and wanted something different in my life. I've always gave to others and I am always doing my best to please people.I'm a mommy and I became one at a younger age. I think I never really had the chance to experience life. It may seem a little selfish, me looking for a change but I'm a fun loving silly woman who can bring a smile to most anyone's soul. Of course I would love someday for someone to help pay my bills, or buy me whatever I want. I'd love to get money to spend on myself and have someone make me feel comfortable financially, without me feeling awkward. We only live once so, why not make the best of it. Especially, if it involves perks!
United States > Bay, Michigan > Bay City
New York City
DATING : her , 25 y
I am very sweet, friendly, romantic and passionate girl. If you want to have a very unforgettable moment in your life I am here to be with you. I can help you to relieve from stress and forget all your worries.
United States > New York, New York > New York City
Whitehouse Station
DATING : her , 26 y , She is brown and the eyes are brown, for dating in Whitehouse Station
I'm fun, energetic and love to try new things. I'm up for learning, I love to learn
174- 59-catholic- smoking trying to stop- i have 1 child
United States > Hunterdon, New Jersey > Whitehouse Station
Parkland Terrace
DATING : her , 18 y , She is and the eyes are , for dating in Parkland Terrace
I?m looking for someone who?s fun & exciting, you know someone that?s gonna excite my life a little but I would also like them to have a cool side that can stay in the house & watch horror movies with me while we laugh like psychos. I?m a pretty goofy & easily excitable person who can be a cry baby at times but it?s just because I have a nice big heart. I love animals, sweets, watching horror movies, going out to the movies & laughing so if you can make me laugh than we?re gonna be great together honestly. Message me, I promise I don?t bite.. well not hard, anyway.
157- 79-I'd rather not say- smoking occasionally
United States > Prince George's, Maryland > Parkland Terrace
DATING : her , 31 y
jeune femme mère un beau garçon de ans , cherche à rencontrer un homme sympa et responsable et parent.
United States > Lane, Oregon > Paris
DATING : her , 35 y , She is blond and the eyes are blue, for dating in Washington
Salut, moi c'est Hélène, nouvelle sur ce site je cherche a me fais de nouveaux amis, et si affinité. je suis d'une taille moyenne, cheveux blonds, Et célibataire sans enfants.
180- 66-catholic- ma profession : graphic designer
United States > Cumberland, Pennsylvania > Washington
DATING : her , 31 y
Je suis assez timide et radicale
United States > Lane, Oregon > Paris
DATING : her , 35 y
Crazy sexy cool and love to have fun and be spontaneous.
United States > Oklahoma, Oklahoma > Edmond
DATING : her , 19 y , She is black and the eyes are brown, for dating in Crawfordville
I love for a nice sweet caring smart funny handsome romantic sweet who's not afraid to be a little silly at times
United States > Wakulla, Florida > Crawfordville
DATING : her , 23 y
I'm looking for someone like me who is quiet, nice, and respectful
United States > New York > Bushwick
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