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DATING : her , 31 y
jeune fille de 26 ans calme, posée, curieuse, drôle avec 1 brin de folie toujours prête pour de nouvelles aventures, cherche 1 partenaire sportif pour faire du vélo, de la marche, de la randonnée...bref pour faire du sport
United States > Lane, Oregon > Paris
DATING : her , 26 y
Easy outgoing ,simple
172- 79
United States > Essex, New Jersey > Newark
DATING : her , 34 y , She is brown and the eyes are brown, for dating in Westerville
Hello, I'm new on this dating site and this already tells a lot about me. I am a kind of person who is not used to giving up or letting things get me down. I am hardworking and persistent and I always do my best to achieve my goals. Although, I believe that a woman should not turn into a man in a skirt, but always stay feminine, soft and tender. Unfortunately, it is impossible when there is no strong and caring man by her side. I am here to find my man, to create a strong loving family and to enjoy life together. I'm a woman with ambition and too witty. I have a lot of friends and I am ready for the changes in my life. Please don?t get fooled by my photos, I am not a barbie girl, I am a real woman; creative and artistic. And like anyone else I just want to be happy..
172- 75-orthodox- ma profession : self-employed
United States > Franklin, Ohio > Westerville
Upper Darby
DATING : her , 28 y
28, West African, 1st Generation American.Writer, Mother, Lover of all things good. If U think Africa is a Country; pls don't contact.If U think African is a language; pls don't contact.Only a good heart, vibes & chemistry allowed.I'm a good person with a good heart; contact me if U are 2..
United States > Delaware, Pennsylvania > Upper Darby
Airway Heights
DATING : her , 27 y , She is blond and the eyes are hazel, for dating in Airway Heights
I'm looking for a friend to chill or play with. I'm at first quit but will open up to you may not be so bubbly but I normally can be nice not like your average woman. I like creepy scary things drinking some times smoking weed also an outdoorsy person.
154- 109-atheist- smoking - i have 1 child - ma profession : unemployed
United States > Spokane, Washington > Airway Heights
DATING : her , 30 y
Qui m'aime me suive
United States > Leslie, Kentucky > Toulouse
New York City
DATING : her , 35 y
United States > New York, New York > New York City
DATING : her , 18 y
hey! message me & feel free to spoil me :) i?m open minded, down to earth, andbalways down to try something new
United States > Cuyahoga, Ohio > Cleveland
Parkland Terrace
DATING : her , 18 y , She is and the eyes are , for dating in Parkland Terrace
I?m looking for someone who?s fun & exciting, you know someone that?s gonna excite my life a little but I would also like them to have a cool side that can stay in the house & watch horror movies with me while we laugh like psychos. I?m a pretty goofy & easily excitable person who can be a cry baby at times but it?s just because I have a nice big heart. I love animals, sweets, watching horror movies, going out to the movies & laughing so if you can make me laugh than we?re gonna be great together honestly. Message me, I promise I don?t bite.. well not hard, anyway.
157- 79-I'd rather not say- smoking occasionally
United States > Prince George's, Maryland > Parkland Terrace
New York City
DATING : her , 25 y
I am very sweet, friendly, romantic and passionate girl. If you want to have a very unforgettable moment in your life I am here to be with you. I can help you to relieve from stress and forget all your worries.
United States > New York, New York > New York City
DATING : her , 33 y , She is redhead and the eyes are brown, for dating in Secaucus
I am looking for a very simple and down to earth man, someone who understand lives and know what he wanted out of it, taking every chances and making them as beautiful as he would love to be happy and smiling always with that special lady... I know i cant ask too much of him but we need to start at a point and get to know each other so well. We can talk more and see how it all goes. I would prefer getting to know him first then we can talk about other things. Someone who is not full of himself and will not be mislead by anyone, someone who is strong willed and self sufficient, determined, kind, loving, caring, ready to walk down the isles and understanding, someone to complete me and experience life with
176- 78-Israeli- ma profession : worker
United States > Hudson, New Jersey > Secaucus
Washington Square Village
DATING : her , 28 y
je recherche juste la perle rare un homme avec qui passer le restant de ma vie qui saura me combler d'amour
- ma profession : manager
United States > New York, New York > Washington Square Village
Sandy City
DATING : her , 35 y , She is and the eyes are , for dating in Sandy City
I love music. I make good money and iv been divorced twice. I have three kids age 13 16 and 17. Iv been in nothing but abusive relationships. And I'm done. I want some one that can keep up with my high sex drive but not sleep around with every one. I need a man with high self esteem and good looks that's not going to to nuts and accuse me of things I don't do. I want a sucsesful man that isn't a follower but a leader that can think out side of the box and has the ability to know when he's wrong some times. I want some one that plans on going some where in life. Works hard and isn't close minded. Some one that can listen to the truth in the world and wants something real. I could either be your dream girl or not. It's up to you.If I can't see you I don't talk.
167- 54-I'd rather not say- smoking trying to stop- i have 3 children
United States > Salt Lake, Utah > Sandy City
DATING : her , 20 y , She is and the eyes are brown, for dating in Wabash
I'm a big girl. I'm shy. I'm quiet. I'm dorky
- 124
United States > Wabash, Indiana > Wabash
Elliot Acres
DATING : her , 33 y
Someone to ride motorcycles with. Travel,sight see, enjoy life.
United States > Mecklenburg, North Carolina > Elliot Acres
DATING : her , 28 y , She is and the eyes are , for dating in Independence
I'm a short woman that loves to make people laugh andsmile. I know who I am and won't changeI do not lie and I tell it straight and sorry if I hurt you but it will be the truth and I expect the same from you and then we can have fun
163- 63- smoking - i have 2 children
United States > Tangipahoa, Louisiana > Independence
DATING : her , 23 y
I'm looking for someone like me who is quiet, nice, and respectful
United States > New York > Bushwick
Mount Sinai
DATING : her , 30 y , She is brown and the eyes are brown, for dating in Mount Sinai
Hey my name is Moira.Im 30 years old and I have autism.I also have very severe anxiety and I get very nervous and scared easily.I love to swim,I love cemeteries,reading and the paranormal.I recently went through a very bad breakup and Im in a deep dark depression.My ex boyfriend is treating me very badly.My heart is so broken by my ex boyfriend that Im sick and bedridden.For a partner/boyfriend,I want the person to be sweet,always happy,down to earth and to always give me comfort
United States > Suffolk, New York > Mount Sinai
Bay City
DATING : her , 31 y , She is black and the eyes are brown, for dating in Bay City
I don?t mind being in a ?relationship? without the attachment. I have never tried this before and wanted something different in my life. I've always gave to others and I am always doing my best to please people.I'm a mommy and I became one at a younger age. I think I never really had the chance to experience life. It may seem a little selfish, me looking for a change but I'm a fun loving silly woman who can bring a smile to most anyone's soul. Of course I would love someday for someone to help pay my bills, or buy me whatever I want. I'd love to get money to spend on myself and have someone make me feel comfortable financially, without me feeling awkward. We only live once so, why not make the best of it. Especially, if it involves perks!
United States > Bay, Michigan > Bay City
DATING : her , 35 y
I'm a Happy and hardworking woman. I stay alone and would like to meet a happy man.
-I'd rather not say
United States > New York, New York > Chinatown
DATING : her , 34 y , She is black and the eyes are blue, for dating in Brentwood
I am very active and cheerful. I love harmony and comfort. I am a cheerful single woman and I can make your mood wonderful every day. My day always begins and ends with a smile on my face. Enjoying my every day is my way of life. I am always looking for something new - a new experience, a new feeling, new products, and trips. I try to use any chance that I have. I try to do what I like. I like to share my happiness with my close people! I consider myself to be a kind person. I will not harm or inconvenience anyone. If a person wants to hurt me, I try to avoid communication with him. I am very active, I love my life and experiments! I like to be different! Today I am passionate and playful, and tomorrow I am gentle and romantic! You can see it from my photos! I hope that it does not frighten you! But a woman must be different! You will never be bored with me, I always surprise my close people!
167- 69-I'd rather not say- ma profession : beautician
United States > Williamson, Tennessee > Brentwood
DATING : her , 30 y , She is blond and the eyes are blue, for dating in Greensburg
I work hard at the things I'm passionate about but try to keep a balance between work and other things in life. I'm active and played a lot of sports growing up, down to earth, friendly, and upbeat. I love animals, the outdoors, movies, traveling, trying new things, and spending time with people who are authentic and thoughtful. I'm looking for some of the same things in a partner. I would like to go out for walks, beach, dinner for two.
177- 67-I'd rather not say- ma profession : self-employed
United States > Westmoreland, Pennsylvania > Greensburg
DATING : her , 19 y , She is black and the eyes are brown, for dating in Raleigh
Funny and cool
156- 91-catholic- smoking - ma profession : cook
United States > Wake, North Carolina > Raleigh
DATING : her , 30 y
hoping for a serious relationship and wouldn't mind on relocating if i notice the attraction level
153- 50
United States > Franklin, Ohio > Columbus
DATING : her , 32 y
jeune femme mère un beau garçon de ans , cherche à rencontrer un homme sympa et responsable et parent.
United States > Lane, Oregon > Paris
DATING : her , 30 y , She is black and the eyes are black, for dating in Atlanta
i am here to look for a serious relationship that will lead to something good in future
154- 53-catholic- ma profession : accountant
United States > Fulton, Georgia > Atlanta
DATING : her , 19 y , She is black and the eyes are brown, for dating in Crawfordville
I love for a nice sweet caring smart funny handsome romantic sweet who's not afraid to be a little silly at times
United States > Wakulla, Florida > Crawfordville
DATING : her , 34 y , She is black and the eyes are brown, for dating in Clearwater
I`m looking for my lost rib, a loving,honest,easy to get along with man to spend the rest of my life with. Life is too short to be lonely and sad.
180- 63- ma profession : farmer
United States > Pinellas, Florida > Clearwater
DATING : her , 29 y , She is brown and the eyes are brown, for dating in Houston
Hello guys, my name is Mink and I?m here looking for p2p! Let me make all your fantasies become reality. I can be your getaway any dayabsolutely no judgement flexible times to meet all your needs and desires it'sall about you come see me..I'm waiting!!
154- 55-I'd rather not say- ma profession : self-employed
United States > Harris, Texas > Houston
DATING : her , 35 y
Crazy sexy cool and love to have fun and be spontaneous.
United States > Oklahoma, Oklahoma > Edmond
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